Top benefits of inline multiphase flowmeter for oil & gas platform for Malaysia

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Top Benefits of Inline Multiphase Flowmeter For Oil & Gas Platform for Malaysia


Weatherford multiphase flowmeter measurements are able to measure oil/hydrocarbon, gas, and process water simultaneously in real-time without any separation of gas and liquids. The measurement data is obtained in real-time to quantify the performance and optimization of the wells.

The smaller size of footprint for multiphase flowmeter skid

A smaller footprint with no moving parts means a potential decrease in the maintenance cost, noise, increase in reliability, and availability of parts. with Weatherford multiphase flow meter measures directly in the flow line. The smaller size of the skid means fewer components used in the skid which gives the user to reduce the maintenance cost significantly.


inline multiphase flow meter

Inline Multiphase Flowmeter (MPFM)






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