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Flow Meter Services

Service Maintenance

Our offshore manpower is highly skilled, professional, and cost-effective. We adapt to your needs by scaling up and down with ease. 

Our offshore team operates as an autonomous unit consisting of a supervisor and technicians who perform safety inspections, issue work findings, and correct them on the spot. The team works independently and the technicians are trained to solve the entire task without interference from the platform’s permanent operating staff.

Service Maintenance Overview


Ultrasonic Meter Flow (USM) maintenance and services


Water cut meter onsite maintenance and services


Multiphase Flow Meter Maintenance and Services

Red Eye Water Cut Meter Service

We service a wide range of flow meters and equipment to make sure that your flow measurement accuracy is in top shape for its total flow calculations. Below is an extract of what we typically handle for our customers:

  • Coriolis Meter 
  • Density Meter
  • Differential Pressure Sensor
  • Level Sensor 
  • Level Profiler  
  • Automatic Sampling System

The right technician to operate, service, and maintain your equipment

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