Water Cut Meters

Accurate measurement of water content in complex and uneven flow patterns with a temperature range of 0-225 degrees Celsius. Proven and reliable technology that provides high accuracy. Non-invasive monitoring capability with a measurement range of 0-100% water cut. Available in three types: In-line Water Cut Meter, Insertion Water Cut Meter, and Subsea Water Cut Meter.


Water Cut Meters
Sentech Water Cut Meter

Sentech Water Cut Meter

The Sentech Water Cut Meter is the only brand on the market that can be installed in-line and measure from 0 – 100% Water across the whole circumference of any pipe diameter – even 24” and larger. This allows operators to take advantage of existing pipe routing, and avoids the requirement for extra piping, flanges and valves for bypass arrangements.

Slug detection

For early warning before excess water is hitting the process facilities

Production separator oil outlet monitoring

For continuous assessment of separator efficiency

Crude oil processing efficiency monitoring

For rapid identification of processing bottlenecks

Heavy oil monitoring

When viscosity, specific gravities and solids prohibit other technologies

Production separator inlet monitoring

For early action before the water level starts to increase

Crude oil loading and fuel bunkering

For continuous verification of product quality (water content)


The Sentech Water Cut Meter uses multiple SeCaP sensors for the best results

Full-bore measurement in any pipe diameter

0 – 100% water-in-oil range for all sizes

No intrusive parts, no pressure drop, no flow restrictions

Suitable for two-phase and multiphase flow

Averages measurements at multiple locations around the pipe

Detects whether the flow is well mixed, separated or sluggish

Sentech As Water Cut Meter
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Insertion Type Probe

4” Sentech Water Cut Meter

4” Sentech Water Cut Meter

4 SeCaP sensor (compact version)

4” Sentech Water Cut Meter

4” Sentech Water Cut Meter

8 SeCap Sensors

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Sentech Water Cut Meter

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