Flange Management

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What Is Flange Integrity Management?

Flange Integrity Management (FIM) is a methodology to ensure the integrity of flanged connections, minimizing and usually eliminating, integrity-related issues (such as leaks) at start-up or re-start. Moreover, FIM is related to a database with a complete history of every flange on a process plant. Registers, work packs, test packs, certificates, and drawing mark-ups are all created and modified in one system,  giving increased efficiency and accuracy. FIM is a system that assures HSE performance and helps manage risks


Flange Integrity Management Controlled Bolt Fastening Services

  • The accurate application of torque or tension to flange stud bolts and nuts is critical
  • Certified and calibrated equipment is a requirement
  • All calibration must have tractability to national standards
  • Trained and competent personnel are used to operate the equipment

Bolt Torquing

Precise control of applied torque and Compact equipment design

Bolt tensioning

Accurate application of tension State-of-the-art equipment.


Service Maintenance

Four Part Flange Tag for Maintenance Projects

Flange Management Ensetcorp



  • Uniquely identify joints that are to be: Opened, Assembled, Tightened, Tested
  • Each flange within the project work scope is ’tagged’
  • The tags have multiple sections
  • The colored sections are perforated to allow ‘tear off’
Flange Integrity Management Goal 
  • Leak-free bolted connections
  • Trained competent personnel
  • Calibrated and certified equipment
  • Compliance with industry standards and best practice
  • Flawless start-up on time and within the budget of process facilities
  • Minimized HSE and commercial risk associated with flanged connections
  • World-class performance and efficiencies on both maintenance and construction projects


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