HDT Series Dew Point Meter: User-Friendly and Effective

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Are you looking for an ideal humidity-sensing solution? If so, the HDT Series Dew Point Meter is an excellent choice! This advanced device offers quick and convenient results allowing you to optimize moisture measurement in any environment.

HDT Dew Point Transmitter
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HDT Dew Point Transmitter


Here’s why you need it

The HDT Series Dew Point Meter is not only user-friendly but also highly effective. This device utilizes state-of-the-art sensing technology to accurately measure dew point, temperature, and relative humidity in any environment. This means that you can quickly assess the amount of moisture present in your workplace, enabling you to make better decisions when controlling humidity levels. Additionally, this device is easy to install and operate – making it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable humidification solution.

Accurate Humidity Measurement with Fast Response Time

The HDT Series Dew Point Meter features advanced sensing technology which allows it to measure dew point, temperature, and relative humidity with an incredible response time of just 2-3 seconds. This means that you can trust the device’s readings so that you can respond faster and make decisions with greater confidence. Such fast measurement capabilities make the HDT Series Dew Point Meter perfect for measuring water vapor in wet or dry conditions – making it a great choice for applications in industries such as industrial manufacturing and HVAC

Equipped with High-Tech Sensors for Enhanced Durability and Performance.

The HDT Series Dew Point Meter is engineered with pressure-resistant stainless steel tubes, improved measurement accuracy, temperature compensation, and drift protection technology. Precise corrosion-resistant materials protect against rust and wear – ensuring enduring performance. Plus, it’s equipped with sensors that monitor the device’s status for timely maintenance. To top it all off, advanced but intuitive functionality makes use a breeze!

Easy to Set Up and Operate with the User-Friendly Interface

The HDT Series Dew Point Meter offers a user-friendly interface that makes installation and setup simple. The device’s intuitive design and navigation make it easy to operate – allowing you to focus on outputting data quickly and accurately. An onboard LED display shows measured values clearly at a glance to make calibration and troubleshooting easier so that moisture sensing is effortless!

Built-in Programmable Alarm and Recorder Functions for Automated Monitoring of Data Quality Parameters

The HDT Series Dew Point Meter incorporates programmable alarm and recorder functions that allow users to automate their monitoring of data quality parameters with reliable accuracy. This allows for improved productivity, as data points can be tracked at regular intervals for easily accessed visibility. Using the display’s onboard interface, convenient bi-directional data communications when connected to a PC are also enabled

HDT Transmitter
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Model HDT – 2 Wire Transmitter - Robust Loop Powered Dew Point Meter for Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbon Phase Measurements

 • HTF(hyper-thin film) technology
• Compact design
• Fast, accurate, reliable
• Programmable alarm signal
• Suitable for pressure or ambient environments
• Temperature compensated calibration
• Waterproof


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