Does Your Business Need an XPDM Dew Point Meter?

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An XPDM dew point meter is a highly accurate and reliable instrument used to measure the temperature and humidity of any working environment quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. This device provides invaluable data that can be used to protect products from corrosion and condensation as well as help businesses ensure employee safety.


What Is XPDM?

XPDM is a measurement technology that stands for ‘X-Ray Photoemission Moisture Meter’. XPDM dew point meters work by emitting an x-ray beam that passes through a material and interacts with its molecules. This interaction measures the number of hydrogen bonds, which provide insight into the amount of moisture present in the environment. With this data, businesses can make better decisions on how to adjust their environments to avoid costly product damage and create safe working conditions.

Key Benefits of an XPDM Dew Point Meter

With the help of an XPDM Dew Point Meter, businesses can better regulate working conditions and save money by avoiding detrimental product damage. In addition, measuring the dew point will provide information regarding underlying problems in a facility. Finally, these meters are user-friendly and incredibly accurate, meaning businesses can monitor their environment with ease to ensure optimal safety for their staff and products.

Why Get an XPDM Dew Point Meter for Your Business?

An XPDM Dew Point Meter is a great tool for businesses because it allows them to measure the dew point with remarkable accuracy. This allows them to quickly detect and address any moisture-related issues in their facility, enabling them to maintain safe working conditions and protect products from potential damage due to dampness. Since the meter is easy to use, it can help businesses save time while ensuring optimal safety in their workplace.

How to Choose the Right XPDM for Your Business

It is important to select an XPDM Dew Point Meter that meets the specific needs of your business. Consider factors such as the size and type of your facility, the accuracy level you require, and the budget you have available. Make sure that any meter you choose is also easy-to-use so that your staff can quickly and easily measure and detect any moisture-related issues in their workspace.

Utilizing Effective Preventative Maintenance with XPDM

An XPDM dew point meter is an effective way to increase the efficiency of any preventative maintenance program. By using a reliable, accurate XPDM meter, you can quickly detect high levels of moisture in your workspace, which can lead to costly damage to products and equipment. In addition, an XPDM dew point meter can help improve air quality and maintain safe working conditions for your staff.



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Model XPDM – Portable Battery-Operated Compact Dew Point Meter

•HTF(hyper-thin film) technology
• Compatible with a wide range of gases and fits wide range of applications
• Easy to use and maintain
• Field accessible calibration
• Good companion to the Model XDT
• Highly configurable user settings
• Measurement range: -100
oC to +20oC at ideal pressure
• Portable battery operated, hand-held


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