Cosa Xentaur Model XDT Dew Point Transmitter

Cosa Xentaur Model XDT Dew Point Transmitter


• Monitoring and control of air dryers
• Plastic dryers
• Welding gases
• Laser gases
• Petrochemical feedstock gases
• Natural gas processing, transportation
and distribution
• Clean rooms
• Transformer and switch gear insulation gases
• Glove boxes
• Cryogenic gases
• Heat-treating furnaces
• Industrial specialty gases


The Xentaur digital dew point transmitters are designed as compact, simple and reliable instruments, which will continually monitor air dryer performance, compressed air quality, and dry gas moisture, from ambient dew point levels to as low as -100ºC (-148ºF) up to +20ºC (+68ºF).


The XDT transmitter electronics take full advantage of state-of-the-art microprocessor technology and offer many advanced intelligent features. With optional dual alarms, and analog and digital outputs, the Xentaur dewpoint transmitters can be used as indicators, alarm units, or controllers.

Programmable Alarm Relays Option

The two optional alarm relays can be independently programmed to switch at any dew point with variable hysteresis, which makes the transmitter ideally suited as an energy-saving controller for desiccant dryers in “dew point demand” mode or safety cutoff in process control, high power laser, etc. The status of the relays is shown on the display with flashing "HI" or "LO" indicators while displaying the dew point.

User-Friendly Interface

The dew point meter is operated through a menu-driven user interface consisting of a custom LCD display with a backlight, and four push buttons. The push buttons can be used to display several different engineering units which can be: Dew Point in ºC, ºF, ppmv, g H2O/M3, lbs H2O/million scf.

SpanCheck™ in the Field

This field calibration procedure is fully automated and the user is prompted through a simple one-minute procedure, which requires no additional equipment.




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301-01-000001, 301-01-000011, 301-01-000012, 301-01-000013, 301-01-000004, 301-01-000014, 301-01-000008, 301-01-000007

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301-02-000130, 301-02-000086, 301-02-000132, 301-02-000133, 301-02-000134, 301-02-000135, 301-02-000136, 301-02-000029, 301-02-000030, 301-02-000028, 301-02-000137, 301-02-000138, 301-02-000087, 301-02-000093, 301-02-000141, 301-02-000081, 301-02-000078, 301-02-000143, 301-02-000082, 301-02-000145, 301-02-000146, 301-02-000079, 301-02-000147, 301-02-000148, 301-02-000149, 301-02-000150, 301-02-000151, 301-02-000152